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Application Modernisation

Transform your legacy systems into efficient and scalable solutions. As your trusted partner, we migrate sensitive workloads and applications dependent on Mainframe, AS400, Informix, DB2, and other outdated hardware to cloud-native services, with a business-centric approach that caters to both as-available (whilst remaining in sync) and big-bang deployments. Throughout the process, we partner with you to achieve your goals of de-risking your business and implementing your digital transformation effectively.

What is Application Modernisation?

Application Modernisation is the process of rebuilding legacy applications that rely on outdated hardware and migrating them to cloud-native web services, resulting in improved functionality, scalability, and performance.

Outdated hardware poses significant security risks due to both physical and network-level attacks, and the dependent hardware may become impossible to replace. Additionally, modernisation can lead to improved user experiences, resulting in increased employee effectiveness and efficiency, better customer retention, and an overall improved experience while using the software.

How can we help?

If your business is currently experiencing challenges with regard to technical leadership in the legacy space, we encourage you to reach out for a consultation.

Experience Digital is at the forefront of this field, utilising our vast knowledge and expertise in these technologies to offer effective solutions. Our proprietary middleware enables us to seamlessly translate and transform data on and off these platforms, and our genuine passion for legacy systems is evident through our investments in legacy hardware restorations and museum sponsorships.

Reach out for a consultation to see if we can assist you with your transformation.

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